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Petrobras Brand

Hello, welcome to the Petrobras Brand website.

The new identity was developed to bring unity and personality to Petrobras communication. It is composed of three aspects: Visual Identity, Verbal Identity and Sound Identity.

By using these components in a consistent manner, we can create a unique identity for the Petrobras brand, contributing to enhance its image and reputation.


In order to access the whole content of the identity system, you must login as instructed below.


If you belong to a firm that provides services for Petrobras, does not have access to the internal network, but needs to access the files in order to produce communication material for Petrobras, using the identity, click on "register" and fill the form requesting access, indicating a person within Petrobras to validate your account.

If you belong to an institution that develops a sponsored project, you are not to use the Petrobras Brand Identity System. All you need is the Petrobras logo. It is not necessary to login.