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Petrobras Brand
Sound Identity

Our sound identity system defines elements, uses and meanings that communicate and represent our brand through music and voice. 


A lot of sound expressions are emitted daily, making reference to our brand or associated with it. Many times, tough, they are not coherent with what we want to say or provoke. The function of the sound identity is to help sound producers so that they make use of the right musical and vocal elements, aligned to our brand identity.


     GENERAL GUIDELINE  Brazilian origin       
the concept
   MUSICAL GUIDELINES   the expression of the
brand through sound
     SOUND LOGO   The synthesis of our sound identity, more concise and memorable. Used together with the Petrobras logo, as an audiovisual signature.
  Soundtracks that evoke the sound identity by means of their melodic and rhythmic aspects, that carry the sound logo.  
  Musical examples, of varied styles, using the technical instructions to compose soundtracks aligned to our sound identity.  
  VOCAL GUIDELINES   the expression of the
brand through voice
     VOCAL STANDARD   The definition of vocal expression that best represents our sound identity.  
    VOCAL GUIDELINE   The characteristics that we desire and those we should avoid for our vocal expressions.




Listen to an example of our sound logo:

 Marca Sonora


Listen to an example of brand musical theme:

 Tema da Marca


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